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APPLICATION: amatomnes.

» Journal: Megan; Pedo.
» Birthdate/Age: 05/30/90; 19.
» Characters Played: Saya.

» Name: Mion Sonozaki.
» Fandom: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.
» Reference: Wikipedia.
» Canon Point: Minagoroshi-hen, post death.
» Gender: Female.
» Age: 17.
» Orientation: Likes dudes but will do what she can if it means saving a friend, regardless of gender.

» Personality:
Mion Sonozaki was not always Mion Sonozaki. At one time, Mion was Shion and Shion was Mion.

Lost yet?

Born as a set of twins, the girl that is known as Mion was actually the younger of the two—and thus, was Shion. Being the younger sister, she was ostracized by her family, especially her grandmother, and was rather lonely. Always being ignored, her sister took pity on her and decided to swap places with her (as they were too young to be told apart, save for their hairstyles) so that she would be able to experience a little happiness. Unfortunately, during one of their swaps, Shion accidentally received a tattoo of a demon reserved for the next heir of the Sonozaki family, forever marking her as Mion Sonozaki.

This is a secret that only the twins themselves know, and it's clear who the real older sibling is when they speak privately, as it is typically always Mion going to Shion for advice; she also tends to be the more timid sister of the two, constantly seeking approval from Shion and wanting to just be one and equal with her.

To everyone else, however, Mion is their valiant leader, class rep, and club president. She is outgoing and tends to befriend just about everyone she meets; she talks casually with older residents of her village and probably says things that most would consider to be inappropriate, like asking an old man if he got fat and saying, "You'll have a stroke sooner or later!" She lets herself get comfortable with people, calls most of them by their first names instead of speaking to them formally, and often has nicknames for her friends, like Kei-chan.

Though she has a very laidback and playful attitude, Mion knows when to be serious—like when she's performing the role of the next Sonozaki family head. She becomes rather cold and all business, and so it seems as though she is two different people, or has two completely different sides at the very least. Though she loves her sister dearly, she does not hesitate to tell Shion to perform her distinction of right and wrong by tearing off three of her fingernails. Guilt gets the best of her afterwards though, and she tears out three of her own so that they're matching once again, because she doesn't think it fair that Shion bear any burdens on her own. Of course, when she's out in public with Shion, they bicker as siblings often do, and Shion constantly teases Mion because she is easily flustered.

While she is a good person who cares about her friends and family deeply, Mion is also quite the jokester. As an avid gamer, she likes to play "penalty" games, in which the loser is punished in some sort of embarrassing way, such as wearing a frilly dress—especially if it's Kei-chan, who Mion acts like quite the lech toward, saying things with the intention of making his blood boil or possibly even pulling up his skirt when they're out in public. While he tends to be the biggest loser, once upon a time, back when club games were first invented by Mion, she actually lost most often and had to perform the various penalties. The fact that she's come this far and risen to the top of the food chain is a testament to her own determination, which she obviously has quite a bit of; she doesn't like to back down from challenges when they've been given, even if she knows that the cards may not be in her favor.

And when it's said that she speaks like an old man, it's not an old man who groans while talking about how he threw out his hip last week—it's the kind of old man who says perverted things to his granddaughter's friends but gets away with it because he's just a harmless old man who probably doesn't know better. She makes jokes about Keiichi staying up late watching the Japanese equivalent of Skinemax, and asking him to whip his seabear out for her to see.

Though she makes dirty jokes left and right, Mion is still an awkward teenager: when Keiichi hugs her close, she is unsure how to respond, and so she simply stands there with her hands dangling at her sides, blushing and stuttering like an idiot. She isn't very good at receiving compliments, though she has no problem boasting about her own abilities—or her chest. While Mion wants to be treated as a girl, she is far too accustomed to acting like a tomboy, and so she feels uncomfortable dressing femininely or trying to act girlish. Instead, she leaves that to Shion.

» Appearance:
For those unaccustomed to the ridiculous hair colors seen in anime, they would be surprised to see that Mion's hair is a light shade of green; it descends to her waist, and so she usually has it thrown up into a ponytail. Her eyes nearly match, with a hint of blue. She has a large tattoo on her back of a demon, which is the mark each heir of the Sonozaki estate must bear. Mion is of average height, and is rather... gifted when it comes to her bust size.

Regardless of her large chest, she is a tomboy at heart, and when she isn't wearing her school uniform, consisting of a pink, pleated skirt, white button-up blouse and yellowish vest, she is usually seen wearing jeans and a yellow shirt with a white jacket tied around her waist. In addition, outside of school, she always carries a gun in a holster over her left shoulder.

» "amatomnes" Entry:
[So Mion found this thing in her room, and there's this tiny lens on it! She turned it on, and when she saw herself appear on the screen, she waved.]

This is a funny little contraption...

Um, ah, hello!? Excuse me, but can anyone tell me what's going on here? Is this some kind of kidnapping? A joke?

Are there even any others here? [She fidgets with the brown collar around her neck and mumbles:] This is starting to remind me of our penalty games.

» "amatomneslogs" Entry:

Mion was starting to think that her dreams were trying to tell her something; not that she hadn't got the hint already. The way her face got hot when Keiichi complimented her, the way her stomach seemed to do somersaults whenever her arm brushed his; she was definitely in like with him. Like, she thought, because it's much too soon for love. Like, because she'd only known him for a month! So those dreams, the ones where she could practically feel his fingers tracing all the contours of her body, the ones where she could practically feel his lips on hers, the ones where she could practically feel him moving deep inside of her?

They were becoming a little overwhelming.

Sighing as she rolled over in what she thought to be her futon, she was surprised to find a soreness in her thighs, something that was enough to make her stir. Yet she couldn't deny her desire to sleep longer, to simply lay in bed without a care in the world. But alas, she needed to get ready for school! Green eyes slowly opening, it took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust and for everything to come into focus; it was then that she realized that she was not in her futon. Finally sitting up, she realized that she wasn't even in her room. "W-what...?" Mion lifted her arm to rub at her eyes, just in case she was seeing things.

No, everything was still the same. Different.

Glancing down, her eyes widened, and she quickly pulled the sheet up to cover her chest, which was quite bare.

"Why am I... Where are my— Oh."

The girl slid out of the bed, wrapping the sheet around her fully as she stood. Biting the inside of her cheek, there was that familiar — oh-so odd — throbbing between her thighs, dull yet noticeable. "Did I drink too much sake last night?" she mused quite loudly, and laughed. It was rather forced, however, because no, there hadn't been a post-meeting party the previous night; she listened to her grandmother's speech, and then went home.

Hand dipping beneath the sheet to feel around, there was something moist on her legs; when she retracted her hand to inspect her fingers, there was blood. She was alarmed. Wiping the fluid on the sheet, she glanced around the room once more. Just how the hell had she ended up in this place!? Mion's eyes narrowed as she looked back over to the bed. Sure enough, there was a red stain where she'd been sleeping, but she was relieved to see her school clothes folded neatly at the edge of the bed.

Mion let out a shaky sigh of relief and moved to run her fingers through her hair, let down at some point that night. She felt tense, like there was this pressure, this ache in her neck that needed to be worked away. Her hand dropped to her clavicle, fingers dancing across her skin as they trailed up to—

a collar around her neck.

"What the—!?"

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