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fic: amat kink meme.

Requests filled for any and all [ profile] amatomnes kink memes, because I AM NOT ASHAMED. B|

Title: Hau~ Hau~
Author: Pedo
Fandoms: Kingdom Hearts & Ultimate Muscle
Characters: Naminé & Kevin Mask
Prompt: OMG HUG PENIS; lol typo.
Note: First fanfic I've written in a year and it's a girl hugging a fucking dick. B|

She isn't sure what makes her agree to let him help. Maybe it's the fact that she doesn't really have much time left, and he's the only one around that can offer any assistance.

Either way, she's sitting at the foot of her bed, glancing up at the masked man as she slowly tugs the hem of her dress up over her thighs, and he can get a peek of her panties. Well, it doesn't take very much to get Kevin into that mindset, and when he kisses Naminé, leaning over her and slowly pressing himself into her, well, it shows.

The first time with a stranger—at least, a stranger to her body—is always a little rocky in the beginning, but she tries not to let that deter her. Naminé's done this plenty of times, to the point that she's familiar enough with the process to know that it's something that does, indeed, feel pleasant. Just because she's a Nobody doesn't mean that she can't know physical pleasure as well, because she's been learning over time.

And when he tugs her dress up over her head, leaving the girl near-completely exposed, Naminé's hands soon find themselves reaching for the waistline of his pants. Fingering the clasp, she manages to muster up the courage to finally pull it open and gives a yank on the zipper. A hand reaching out to brace against the back of her head, Kevin gives a low grunt of approval as her fingers slowly push his pants down his thighs, his underwear going with.

Kneeling on the bed the way he is, however, they manage to simply bunch around his knees, and he glances down at her from behind his mask. She hasn't asked him to remove it, and so on it's stayed. He opens his mouth to say something when he realizes that she's staring at him with wide eyes.


"Can I... Can I touch it, Kevin...?" she asks, finally glancing up to meet his gaze. With those wide eyes, Naminé looks so innocent.

And really, who can say no to that face?

He nods and she tries to smile; it's as sincere as a Nobody can make it.

Reaching out, she finally wraps her arms around that large erection of his and gives it a great, big hug.

Title: GTFO bitch I'm doing science
Author: Pedo
Characters: Clandon & Pedo B|
Prompt: Munshipping; Clandon/Pedo
Note: SRSLY WTF U GAIZ. >:[ If I ever find out who requested this, they're going to miscarry.

It's five o'clock in the morning and Pedo should be in bed. She knows she should have been in bed hours ago because she has to go to work later and deal with old people, but she's a typical shonen retard, so she decides to stay up and browse the newest [ profile] amatomnes kink meme.

"Twins, more twins, Lancer/Cloud..." she mumbles to herself as she scrolls through pages of filled and unfilled requests.

Well, she figures she could try her hand at that Lancer/Cloud request, because she's the one who first informed everyone of Clandon's slip-up that one time. It really is his fault, and Pedo will never stop reminding him of this, no matter how many times he tries to deny it. She has, after all, the chat log as undeniable proof of his repressed faggotry. Not that there's anything wrong with it, per se, because hey, Lancer/Cloud is pretty hot!

Who the hell wouldn't want to ship it?

Clandon needs to take responsibility for creating such a beautiful mental image.

Pedo makes a note to remind him of this when—speak of the devil—she hears a voice coming from the bedroom.

"Come back to bed, Pedo..." the voice says quietly, as though they've just woken up, and it's enough to get the redhead (he's probably only trying to get into her pants because her hair color is similar to Kallen's, she realized) to turn around to glance at him. Standing in the doorway in nothing but his boxers and rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

Suddenly reminded of an image macro she has in her /b/ folder, Pedo immediately replies, "Get the fuck out, bitch. I'm doing science," before turning her attention back to the monitor, and goes back to plotting her delicious Lancer/Cloud fic.


"Or you could get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich. I can't think on an empty stomach," she says thoughtfully. If he really wants to be graced with her presence, well, maybe she'll consider retiring to the bedroom early if he's a good boy. So long as he doesn't fuck up her peanut butter & honey sandwich, anyway. Otherwise, she'll make him sleep on the couch while she sprawls over her bigass bed. I mean, that bed's got a goddamn foam top and it's comfortable as all get. Anyone in their right mind would want to sleep on it, and only an idiot would mess up a simple sandwich like that.

Pedo has faith in Clandon, but she won't tell him that because she's too busy acting all tsundere and shit.

"Alright, alright, here ya go," Clandon says as he sets the plate down beside her and she eyeballs it for a few seconds before taking a bite and then ten. She's starving, dude; you'd eat that sandwich too if you were hungry, goddamn.

"It's alright," Pedo mutters between bites before she quickly adds, "But I'm not saying that because I like you or anything!!"

Typical tsundere fashion.

Clandon just gives her a cocky little grin and she stares down at the bread crumbs left on her plate, trying to hide that ~dere blush of hers.

He turns on his heel and makes his way to the bedroom.

Reluctantly, she follows.

Pedo never does get to write that Lancer/Cloud fic. :(

Title: It's a Trap
Author: Pedo
Fandoms: Guilty Gear & Metal Gear Solid
Characters: Johnny & Raikov
Prompt: "Uh... I think you'd better know that... I'm late."
Note: idefk.

It shouldn’t be possible. Even in this kind of place, and with what the islanders are required to do every fourteen days, Johnny never thought this would happen to him. Of all people, why does it have to be him?

A note written neatly in cursive saying, “Meet me at the docks. We need to talk.” has him breaking into a cold sweat as he walks, strong hands idly wringing his hat nervously as he makes his way closer and closer to the edge of the island. There are a few different possibilities racing through his head. Either Soi Fong is going to finally admit her true feelings or something... bad is going to happen.

He wonders who wrote the note, because there was no name printed at the bottom, and so all he can do is take deep breaths and let anticipation continue to gnaw at him.

When he gets there, no one else is in sight. “Am I early?” Johnny asks himself as he places his hat back on his head.

He isn’t even there for two minutes before he hears the soft patter of footsteps coming from behind him, and then he hears them open their mouth, inhaling slowly as if they’re trying to figure out how to organize their thoughts. “It’s all right, just tell Johnny what it is you came to say, So—”

“Uh... I think you’d better know that... I’m late.”

Johnny’s eyes widen, and it’s right then that he finally notices that the voice is decidedly male. And all-too familiar. He turns quickly on his heel, face red with anger.


Title: Shirou's Lucky Day :|b
Author: Pedo
Fandoms: Fate/Stay Night & Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Characters: Mion/Shion & Shirou
Prompt: Threesome

When Mion's hair is down, they look the same—or, at least, they do when they're on their backs.

Even though Shion's voice is usually softer when she speaks, compared to Mion's more playful tone, they breathe the same, moan the same, gasp and pant in similar fashions. They twitch and writhe and shudder on the bed, the two of them pressing close to Shirou and he can feel two pairs of soft breasts against his body, on either side of him. It's almost comical, really, how symmetrical everything seems to be, and he's learning just how alike the sisters are as his hands roam, tracing the smooth lines of muscle along their abdomens and all the way down to the spaces between their legs.

At the same time, however, Mion and Shion are also different.

Taking her usual outward demeanor into consideration, Mion is surprisingly much more submissive than her twin, and probably a bit more responsive. Shion doesn't initially seem to be as into the act, and likes to have a bit more control of the situation. But, once they reach that point where Shirou's fingers are becoming curiouser and curiouser and finally begin to push themselves inside, it doesn't seem to matter much anymore.

Their hips seem to move in sync, bucking against his fingers as they thrust—slowly at first, and gradually picking up speed as he begins to feel more and more of that slick heat.

Shirou's always been a bit of a masochist, putting the needs and wants of others before his own. It takes a bit of begging, that desire, that craving for something more than fingers—though, not much—before he finally pulls his hands away and shifts the girls so that they're in a much more accessible position. Shion's on her back and Mion's straddling her pelvis, hands braced on either side of her sister's shoulders and the demon on her back is grinning up at him; it's another one of those few distinct marks that reminds him which one is which. He's already plenty familiar with the demon girl, and so he decides to tend to Shion first, grasping her hips so that he can quickly align himself and thrust inside, and all the while, he's leaning forward, lips attaching themselves to Mion's shoulder and sucking on the heated flesh there.

A hand leaves Shion's hip to reach up and grasp one of Mion's breasts. It's the least he can do to show his appreciation to be able to have both of them under him at the same time. At least, until he hears Shion's moans grow louder and her inner-walls finally convulse around him as she reaches that peak.

And so, as Shirou slowly pulls out, that just leaves one more girl to take care of.

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