sonozaki: (♔ awww yeah!)
《 魅音 • 園崎 》 mion ♕ SONOZAKI ([personal profile] sonozaki) wrote2011-01-25 04:51 am

➢ icon requests.

I figure this will ultimately be a lot more convenient than having people send PMs or whatever, so if you have some images or scans that you'd like icons of, leave a comment and I'll work on them when I have free time!

I make almost all of my own icons, so you can see what hideous shit I'm capable of here. I'm not sure about live-action icons since it's been a while since I've done them, but I probably can! I can icon fanart, color scans (which take more time lol ~an hour per icon), w/e. Just make sure they're decent-high quality images, because those are easier to work with.

Color reference:
Image link(s):
Anything else?

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