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OK this is my first fanfic ever, I love Final Fantasy! I am Dyslexic so b kind if my disroder efects my gramma.

Hi my name is Cloud Darkness Strife. I live in Nibelhim with Tiga Lockhart ned i am a vampire. I have been a vampire ever since i could remember, i was adopted at birth so i will neva no my tru parents. As you are reading this I open my pale red eyes into the darkness of the sky and shake off my long, spiky blonde hair. I am wearing a long black cloak with a purple and red trim and a pic of Marilyn Manson on da back. I was wearin a tight leather jeans and fingerless gloves lyk Hayley William frum Paramore. In case you culdnt tell I am a Goth and I love goffik music. I smiled a vampire smile and tuk out my swod, which was long and thick and very sharp. I put my swod on my shuldert and stepped outside into the night...

Suddenly who came but Tida!!! “Hi Cloud” she scremed softly. I was effervesced by her calm demenor. She was weran a black fishnet tights wif black boots and a black top dat sed GG Allin on da frunt. Tiga was also a vampir, and lik me she never new her real parents cos they dies in a car crash. “Well, see you later” she smelled statistically. She flew by wif her raven black hair.

END OF CHAPTER 1. I will make arrangmenets for the next chapter BE PATIENT :) OK FUCK U

OK lol I culdnt stup writin thx for the crit so far :) Dis is CHAPTER 2 I hop u like also STOP ASKING FOR MORE IT WILL BE DUN WHEN IT IS DUN >.>

It was nigttime and I was sitting over the water in nibelhim. I was sad so a single depres red tear fel from my eyelid and i slit my writs (AN: vampire cry tears of blud because of the curse of the souls of there victims). I was so depressd. Why did I fel this way? I reched over my sword when suddenly some1 came!

Hi my name is Yuffie Sally Kuro Kiragi. Kuro is jpanaese for Black which is suitable bcos I am a Japanese Goth. One day I was promenading around Nibelhim. I woz wearin black hotpants wif pink fishnet tights and matching fishnets on my arms. I wor a t shirt that said Avril Lavigne on da back and my hair was black wif pink highlights and i wore it in kind of a messy bun. I wore lotsa eyeliner and my forrest green eyes stared in2 da nite. Suddenly I saw Cloud on the water. “You luk kawai,” I comted haply.

“Wut does that mean?” Cloud said confus.

“I sed Kawaii, its japanaes for Cute and i am japanaes so it sips in2 conversation sometimes.” I sed casurly, shaking back my messi black hair.

“oh ok” I said back. (AN: Clouds point of view again) I waved my swod in the air sadly. It made me happy to se Yuffie, but what about Tiga???

END OF CHAPTER 2 I hope u like it :)

OK next chapta

1 day it was rainin limpid tears when suddenly an ugly preppy man wif blond hair appeard. It was…. Vicent Valen! He was now a prep and wore a pink t shirt dat red Hilary Duff on da frunt. His name is now Lindsay. I could applicate his beuaty (I’m bisezul) but I did not lyk his preppu clothing.

“Hi” sed Lindsay

“”Hi” I sed”go away Lindsay u r too prepu now”

“I am 2 gooffix!” said Linday sadly deprssdly. I was so fucken angry. “Anyway da dark lod wants 2 see u”

“Yeh I bet u don’t even no what Good Charlotte is. I cant beliv u are best frends wiv Sephirot now u betrayer” I said energcly lethragecly. (AN: see we handel dep emotun)

“SILENCE YOU RIDICULOUS DONDERHED” scremed Sephirot suddenly. He wore a long preppy hair wif a long pink rob. His swod was long and think. I couldn’t believe it, I was so deprezzing. “ Thou art a fool! Thou must kill Yufie and Tiga!”

“And what if I don’t” I scremed. I cried a singul depressed tear of blud.

“If thou doth not kill them,” Said Sephirot Preppily “Then I shal killt thou neway!”

“NO!” I sed depres. I hit my swod at him but he had disappeared! “CUM BAK AND FITE!” I sed murmerdly.

“I am sorry Cloud” said Lindsay somberly confus “ The drak lod speaks the truth.”

“U FUKEN PREPZ! MY LYF IS OVA!” I yelld. Den I went.

NED OF CHAPTER 3 sorry if I spelt some words wrong im typin on notpad and IM TIRED OK SO FUCK U?

OK chapter 4 im sorry for the so manu post >.> IF YOU COMTED MORE I WULDNT HAVE TO btw where is my swtet?

I went to my room. I was so depress after seeing Sepipot that I slit my wrirts and drank the blood. Then I put a steak through my heart. Suddenly I felt beter so I got dresd. I put on a tight black T shirt wif a pic of Gerard Way on da frunt and dark red jeans. I wore matching black wrirtbands and a silver locket in the shape of a borken heart. My eyes which change color in the daytym were bright blu. Den I went.

“Oh hey” said some1. It was Tida. “Are you coming to band practic?”

“Of course” I sed casully. “Is Yuffie going?”

“Um I tink so.” Tifa said confusly transcendent. “Why do u want 2 no?”

“Oh nothing” I said briefly. Den I felt guilty so we made out. “Come on lets go to pratice.”

Our band is called Scarlet Golgotha 666. I sing led and play gitar exactly like Billy Joe Armstrong. Yuffie and Tiga r also in the band. We went 2 da Honeybee Inn to do practic.

“Hi, cunt” sed Aries Atrophy Funeral Madden Gainsbough. She was wearin a black corset top wif a black miniskirt and black fishnets. She wore lots of black eyeliner ova her purple eyes and black lipstick ned her hair was ebony blak. She was a vampire but she only ate salad.

“Hi bitch.” I sed back. I luked around the room and saw Bart Walace. He was waring his white goffik face paint and black t shirt dat sed “Gerard Way” on da front. Instead of a gun his arm was a razorblade. He was a vampire but his parents died in a car crash. Also we call him Diaboliq now bcos its more gothix. “Hi Diaoliq” I smeled Sarcastly. Red XIII was also there, he wos exatly the same but we call him Crimson DCLXVI now (AN: dat is roman numel for 666) and he wore a black Mohawk and lots of eyeliner, also he is a person now.

“Ok bitch lets play” sed Aries statistically. We playd The Chronicles of Life and Death by GC. “You come in cold, Your covered in blood. They're all so happy you've arrived. The doctor cuts your cord. Hands you to your mom. She sets you free into this life.” I sang heartly.

But what about Tiga and Yuffie???

NED OF CHAPTER 5 ok next part comin up rel soon.

THX 4 ALL DA KL COMMETS Ok time for chater 6 Dis is sexi so VIOWA DISCRETUN ADVISD

Afta practice I went wif Tiga 2 da 7th heathen. “Luk Tiga” I sed dispiritenly “I has to tell u something......”

“What is it Cloud u can tell me” she smelled aroudely. Suddely she took off her shirt and reveled her body. She woz covered in scars bcos she was a Stanist and did pain rituls wif Diaboliq. She was also a sadits and cut herslef sumtyms. I suddenly noticed my boy thingie was growing. But I had to tell Tiga the turth...

“TIGA” I scremed depres “SEPIPOT HAS TOLD ME 2 KILL U AND YUFIE!” Tidas mascara ran down her face in a really cool spooky luk like in Da Coreps Bride. “YOU FUCKING TWAT!!!” she crid and ran out!

Suddely someone came... It was Yuffie! “Hajimemashite Cloud” she said goffikly “u look Kawaii”

I was cryin tears of crimson blood in a depres way. Yuffie came ova. “Dont cry Cloud” she frowned sexily.

“But everything is ruined!” I scremed in a gothic way “Tiga will neva love me tru agen!” i started to cry agen, bloody tears riveting down mi face. Den Yuffie noticed my thingie.

“Dat luks kawaii” she said sadistly. Den suddenly we started 2 french passively! “U want 2 do it?” She said questionedly

“Mmmm” I replid angstily. Den I put my boy thingie into hers and we did it for the first time!

NED OF CHAPTER Ok next one up soon.

CHAPTA 7 thx for all the commets but can u STOP MASTACATING PLEASE. It is againts God LOL acturly im a stanist ned I mastate all the time Also STOP FLAMING. I HAVE SYSLEXIA ND IF U FLAME U R A PREP

I was so fuken depres. Why did I do it wif Yuffie? And what abot Aepiroth? I had slit my writs and the crimson blud ran down my arms in riverts. I stard thru red eyes into da nite. I was wearin dark blak goffik boots ad a dark blak t shirt wif Korn on da frunt. I was werin dark purpol eyeliner, lipstick and nel varnitch and my hare wus died dark purpe. My swod which was shinin in da moonlit was blak wif a pic of Joel Madden on da bak. The suddenly….. Diaboliq came!

“@#!£$/%@ nigga” sed Diaboliq sadistly

I was shuked. “Diaboliq blak ppl cant be goffix” I scremed sexily.

“Im sorry Cloud #£%*@?\^&” sed Diaboliq den he stated 2 cri tearz of blud. He looked creepy and goffix like in da movie Sweny Todd

“Dats ok, bitch” I sed amorosly.

“Anyway I saw u talkin 2 Yuffie” he sed darkly.

“So?” I sed casurly colly.

“Do u lik Yuffie?” Diaboliq sed wif a honest look.

“NO of curse not” I gothiqly smeled a vampire smel ned changed the subjet “N e wai have u seen Tiga???”

“$^@%*#£+@# Oh yeh I cam 2 tell u Tiga was luken rlly deprzzing I thick she may slit her wrirts” sed Diabolico depres

“”FUK U SHE IS NOT DED” I sad goffikly. I was so hyperactive, I wuz cryin tears of ruby blood in2 da moonlight. Den I went 2 fid Tida!

NED OF CHAPTA DATS ALL FOKS lol i joke i will make arrangemets for more chapters


I had gone 2 see Tiga in NEIBELHEIM (c is dat speld rong?) ad suddenly Aries appeared! She was wearin a black dress wif skull patterns on it. Also she wuz wearin blak fishnets and a blak shoe dat sed Marilyn Manson on in goffik letters. She smiled a goffix smile ad luked at me in a depres way thru forrest green eyes.

“I am sorry Cloud there has ben an accidet,” She scremed depresly. Hers wos red and large.

“NOOO WERE IS TIGA” I said solemly. I culdent fucking beleive it.

“I foud her wif her writs slit. Dont worri i used a core spell ad calld da copz she is in da hospital now” she said resurdly. I was casual.

“i am so fuken sepres” I Stated enthusicly. I wet in2 Tidas room to wach depress movies like Das niteMARE b4 Xmas (AN: If u dunt no what dat is ur a fucken prep!) and slit my wrist. My eyes which were depress blue cried bloody tearz in a sadistic way. Suddenly who was there but Lindsay?

“OMFG WAT ARE U DOING IN TIGAS ROOM” I sed quietly. Den i saw it.... He was masticating and so was Sephirot! “OMG GTFO!” I sed.

“I shalt leave” sed sepipot racistly “But thou shouldst remeber wat I sed Cloud” den he went!

Wat was i gunna do?

NED OF CHAPTER OK sorry its short i had WRITERZ BLOCK ok next chaptar up soon


I wuz depres about Tiga so I wen to da wallmartket to find her a prezent. I am wearing a big shirt with Gerard Way on it and leather pants wiff platformz and boots that hav a picture of Rammstein. my blue eyes let out a singel bloody tear then I silt my writs. My eyes shone red in2da moonlite. "TIIIIIGAAAAA" I scremed out kinky

sudenly Sid Vicouz Hiwin came!!! "Hey fag." he yelled sadly.

"ILL FUKKEN FITE U! IM BISEZUAL!!" I said angstily and reachd my swod

He walked horridly away. He wuz jeluz cuz he wuz 2 old too be goffik but he tired. He wuz a prep!!

I wen to da hospital 2 see Tida and had slit my writs

"Hi Cloud" she grwled hornly. She was pale like da movie Edwerd Scissorhands.

"Hi" I sed lustly

"U want 2 do it?" she said sductbly sexy


Then I took out my thingy and grobed her big bobos. She was wearign a gothic hospital gown wif Hayley William on it. I put it in her u know wat! Then Sepipot came!

NED OF DIS CHAPTER I hope u like it OK FUCK U :)


I wuz so depres. I was sezzin with Tiga but I was depres when Sepirtp came in. I wan to slit my writs my hans were on Tidas bobs!

"YOU ABSERD NINNY!!" scremed Sephirot punctally. He wuz mad and wearin a long pink rob wiv pink hare and a swetter. "Thou art not killing Tiga!" he sed and he waz masticatin!

"OMFG WTF Sepipot!!! TIGAAA!" I yelled softly

"I shalt put my swod in thin butt!" (AN: He was talking about his thingy)

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I am bisezual tho!" I cri wiv a singel depres tear of blud

Sepipot put it my butt and I roared with pane and plezure. "OH NOOO!!!! TIIIIGAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Her bobos bouncd.

Then we finished sex! I reched my swod and looked 2da nite. "SEPIPOT!!!" i scremed passinatly. It wuz no good. He had left.

I wen back home to my room in NIBLEHIM. I got dresd wiff a Green Day shirt and black pants with strapz and fishnet sleeves. "I hop I still don have to kil Tiga and Yuffie"

Sudenly Aries came in "Hey bitch"

"Sup cunt" I sad solemly

She stared at me with intent thru forrest green eyes. She was wearin a black dress with pink trim and goffik boots with pictures of Davey Havok on them her hare was crimson and it matched her purple eyeliner.

“How was Tida” she sed worrinly

"We did it with Sepipot" I sed sadly depresly

"OMFG WHAT!! UR SICK" sed Aries den she stated 2 cri tearz of blud in2da moonlight.

“Dont worri, bitch” I sed worridly.

“I cant fuckin believe it!” she sed in a goffik way.

I felt bad so we mad out.

END OF ALL DA CHAPTA DATS ALL FOKS! lol i will try to write mor soon. WRITERZ BLOC OK FUCK U :)

OK tym 4 new CHAPTA

Hi my name is Reno Schwarz William. Schwarz is German for black like my hert because I am goffixx and a vampire and my parents died b4 I was born. I wuz walking to Neiblem to fin Cloud Darkness Strife because I wnated to join his band Scarlet Golgotha 666. I was wearin a black trenchcoat that sed Rammstein on the back an tight black jeans wif orange hair 2 match because I was the brother of Hayley William. My catlprod changed 2 a mase because it is mroe goffik. Sudenly came some1!

"Hi der u luk Kawai" sed Yufie scremin goffikly "Dozo Yoroshiku"

"Bitch! Ur Yuffie Kuro Sally Kiragi right?" I yeled shuked

"Hai desu ka" she sed in japanaes "Oh that means Yes I am. I am japanaes so it slips sumtimes. Why you ask"

"Cunt, I wanna fukken join ur band bitch" I sed racistly

"So?" she said corsly

"Im Hayley William brother Reno Schwarz William!!!" I sed in a punted way

"OMFG! Sugoi!" she sed surpris

"Das rite bitch" I said casurly colly

"I will take you to meet Cloud. Cum folow me!"

Den da ugly preppy man Lindsay came! He was wearin a yellow t shirt wif Hannah Montan da frunt.

"Hi" sed Lindsay

"Wut u want dyke" I sed pasivly

"I am a man!" he scremed excretable

"Oh ok" I sed confusly

"U wil tak me 2 Cloud or I will kill u boff!" he demand

"NO!" I sed depres. I reched my mace but he point his gun at me!

"FUKKEN PREPZ!!" I laminated softly

But wat about Cloud and Aries? And Wat about Tiga?

NED OF CHAPTA 11! Itz short but mor comin soon! OK SO WAIT NOW FUCK U :)


I was so fuken depres. Why did i do it wif Yuffie? Why did i sex with Tiga? I evun grobed her bobos. Dat was kewl! Why did I do it wif Septipot? Now I maed out wif Aeries.. My life was ova!! I wnated to cri but I had to leave. So I went!

I walked out da door. I look to da moonlight as it reflected off of my violet eyes. tears rand down my cheeks like ranedrips. Why did this alwyas happen to me? I reched ovr my swod and waved it in the air wif sadness. I stabd it in 2 da ground when sudenly sum1 came!

It was Tiga!

"Oh hey ther bitch" I said in an emo voice

"OMG Cloud!" she sed hugging me in a gottik way. I reched down and skwezed her butt!

"Lizzen Cloud" she said in a amors way "I fink ur hott and I wan 2 go on a date wif u!!!111"

Her bobos were prezd agenst mi chest. It was awsum.

"Ok den bitch. Where you wana go?"I sed in a coll way

"Lets go 2 da Golden Saucer!"she sed in a flirty vice

"OH MY SATAN!! THAZ XPENZIVE!! OK FINE!" I said sadly serena

"Bai Cloud pick me up at midnite!" she scremed movridyly

Den Lindsay and Yufie and sume dood who looked lyk Hayley William came. I culd tel he was actractivo (im bisezul)

Aries came out of da house 2 and then Tiga came back!!!!1

"OMFG" I sed goffikly "WTF r u guyz her for and who is dis guy?"

"Cloud lez go on our date sooner!" she scremed exited

"A DATE!!!!!!" sed Yufie Aries and Lindsay (wtf)

"#£%*@?\^& nigga!" scremed Diboliq blackly


Wut waz I gona do? I wantd to lizzen 2 GC and kut myself...